Sydney Fulkerson is two-time founder of Sunflower and Bebas LLC, where she is helping entrepreneurs build better brands through design and storytelling. Her current venture, Sunflower, matches Founders with creatives through personalized matchmaking of Founders with Creatives.. Fulkerson is also the author of The Coffee Run: And Other Internship Need-to-Knows…

A vast majority of venture funding still goes towards white men. In an analysis of 9,987 founders by RateMyInvestor and Diversity VC , “only 9% of startup founders were female, 17% identified as Asian-American, 2.4% as Middle Eastern, 1.9% as Latin American and just 1% identified as black.”

Black female entrepreneurs are the least likely to get VC funding. So few raise venture money that the percentage is, statistically speaking, nearly zero, according to USA Today.

In this era of change, awareness is everything. Here are ten female black founders championing hard work and innovation, especially in tech…

Our last article outlined several ways you can take action to support the Black Lives Matter movement as a founder, primarily focused on donating, supporting the black community, and actively educating yourself.

Times have been uncomfortable, scary, upsetting, raw, to say the least. But this forces us to grow and…

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